The Secretary-General, as leader of the United Nations, is the spokesman for the interests of the world and its peoples. Yet, despite playing a crucial role on the international stage, the SG has historically been selected via a closed-door process which lacks both transparency and accountability. The next SG will be appointed in late 2016. This time around, the world deserves and demands better. Citizens around the world have cried out for better governance from their global institutions, and the UN has reflected this imperative within the global Sustainable Development Agenda.

In order to support principles of good governance, transparency and accountability in the 2016 selection process, the New York City Bar Association, together with global law firm Linklaters LLP, has established a Task Force on Good Governance in the Secretary-General Selection. The Task Force has created this online platform providing access to quality and timely information about the SG candidates, which we hope will foster a better understanding of each candidate’s views on critical global issues. This information will be of use to many stakeholders, from civil society and advocacy groups to media and interested citizens.

As lawyers, we firmly believe that introducing good governance into the SG selection will greatly increase the legitimacy of the process and ensure that the right candidate for the job is selected. We invite you to make use of this online resource to stay informed and engage in outreach and advocacy, including with political decision-makers in your countries.

Ulysses Smith, Chair, Task Force on Good Governance in the Secretary-General Selection