The Task Force Team

The Task Force on Good Governance in the SG Selection is made up of a team of lawyers who are members of the New York City Bar Association and attorneys at Linklaters LLP.

Members of the team come from diverse personal backgrounds and bring to the Task Force a wealth of professional experience in the private sector, public service and academia. The members of the Task Force have volunteered their time and expertise in an effort to bring increased transparency and accountability to the selection of the next Secretary-General. Linklaters LLP also provides pro bono and financial assistance in support of the Task Force.

Ulysses Smith

Menaka Nayar

Contributing Members
Elizabeth Barad
Maxime Bertomeu-Savalle
James Bowen
Clayton Cheney
Michael Cooper
Nadia Davies
Andrea Dinamarco
Kimmie Fearnside
Martin Flaherty
Tamaron D. Greene
Jennifer Ismat
Joseph Klein
Catherine Kremer
Marc Krestin
Andrew Kummer
Amina Malik
Diana Marmur
Lauren McFadden
Zara Mohidin
Andrew Mullan
Michael Munk
Jack Nichols
Marc Noldus
Waleed Rasromani
Christoph Rieckmann
Victoria Safran
Gonzalo Sanchez del Cura
Jason C. Spears
Nichole Sterling
Hong Tang
Catherine Tinker
Simon Treacy
Lea Verdy
Menglu Wang
Tetske Wellling
Michelle Zheng